About company InBASE

InBASE company - developer of ECM, HRM and BPM solutions.

InBASE is dedicated to creation of innovative software solutions from idea to product.  We are convinced that SME representatives are able to answer global challenges and provide stable and uniform development via digital solutions.

For 13 years, company has established itself as a reliable and highly professional company, whose products and solutions are used in various fields: banking and finance, energy, industry, many government organizations of various activities not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries.

Our mission is to increase the efficiency of our customers' business by implementing solutions that respond to current innovations and the latest business requirements.

Our vision is to constantly monitor changes in market conditions, create better solutions in core areas, observing our unshakable principles (higher standards of work, customer satisfaction, profitability) in the course of development.

The company's strategy is to use its own modern and creative technological solutions to create corporate and consumer applications and services that automatically adapt to the needs and behavior of users, with open programming interfaces and a high level of trust in security systems.

By integrating and automating IT infrastructure, help the customer on the way to Digital Cohesion to minimize risks associated primarily with safety, compliance with regulatory requirements, rising costs of technology.

InBASE is a member of the consortium Intecracy Group, an association of ITC companies in the Eastern European market. The company's production processes comply with international quality standards - ISO 9001 and CMMI 4.

Main principles and approaches used in the creation

products and solutions of our company:


Analysis of the real

needs of organizations


Use of modern




Possibility of further

improving the proposed


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