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InBase is a leading Ukrainian software developer and systems integrator with more than 15 years of experience. We have the resources for implementation projects of any complexity.

We have solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, large companies with complex hierarchical structures and branches. Our projects are based on innovative technologies and the latest business management practices. InBase has developed and implemented a set of solutions for document management in private and public institutions.



About us

InBase is a member of the Intecracy Group Consortium, the largest association of IT companies in the Eastern European market.

InBase was established based on the largest Ukrainian software developer Softline, which has been working on the market since 1995.

The company's focus was electronic document flow systems and the automation of HR departments.

The company introduced a new version of electronic document flow systems with a new user-friendly interface and flexible document processing.

Working with electronic documents in the system has become a little different from the working process with papers (approval, signing, review).

Megapolis.DocNet was recognized as the best electronic document flow system in 2011 based on results of II All-Ukrainian competition "Professional award in the field of banking technologies, equipment and services".

The highest grade was given be customers  who can compare it with other ones - the banking sector specialists.

The company introduced a series of solutions based on the latest version of the UnityBase platform. Among them is the corporate data warehouse, allowing the user to organize data from many sources.

The development got the award of "The Best Domestic Product" in the "Leader of the Year" competition. The competition jury noted that the product allows businesses to prepare for the Big Data trend.

An electronic document flow system was implemented at the international airport "Kyiv."

There were several projects of document management system implementation in government authorities, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, at the number of self-governed authorities, utilities.

The company implemented the electronic document flow system at the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

Document management system Megapolis.DocNet was implemented to automate workflow using a digital signature. The system started to support the registration of documents to ensure the transition to a paperless process. We added the integration with Blockchain to ensure data integrity.

Our mission

To improve the efficiency of our customers' businesses by implementing solutions that meet the modern requirements and the latest innovations.

Our strategy

To use our own low-code platform to create high-security applications and services which meet all the customers' needs.

Our goals

To monitor changes in the market and create better solutions, adhering to higher work standards, customer satisfaction, profitability.

Our values

Freedom to develop is one of the values of our company. We provide customers with open systems so they can develop software solutions along with their needs and desires.


Our team

We gathered real professionals in our company, so every project is done with responsibility and dedication. InBase experts are not afraid to take unconventional and creative solutions to achieve all the clients' goals.


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About US

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