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The UnityBase platform is a high-performance ECM platform supporting the RAD concept, designed to create enterprise systems of any scale for managing content and business processes, and to solve a variety of tasks related to document management and unstructured information.

UnityBase supports a full development cycle from the description of the domain model to automatically generated user interface.


DMS systems

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The electronic document management system is an automated system that provides the ability to build the process of managing business processes in a multi-user mode for all employees. The product line was developed taking into account the needs and requirements of customers - representatives of the public administration and various business areas. The transition to the electronic document management system allows solving a wide range of production and administrative tasks due to the effective integration with a variety of information systems and the coverage of a wide range of business processes.

HRM systems

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HRM (Human Resources Management) - systems (programs) for the management of human resources, aimed at providing the organization with quality personnel able to perform the functions assigned to it and its optimal use. Personnel management is an integral part of the quality management systems of the organization.

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