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Custom Software Development
Software development is one of our main branches. We have extensive experience in projects implementation of different complexity from small and medium to large enterprise systems.
Automation of business processes
After studying and analyzing your company's business processes, our experts will offer solutions that fit your business needs and requirements. Also, there is an option to develop custom solutions based on the UnityBase platform.
Electronic Storage
Our solution Electronic Storage is a digital storage of documents with Big Data support (up to 100 Tb and more). Electronic Storage helps you to store your documents, group, collaborate, and easily search them by different criteria, including the full-text search.
Integration with existing corporate systems
We use platforms as an integration bus (integration, synchronization, data warehousing, and so on). Our solutions can be integrated with any external system, database, etc.
Development of technical documentation
Quality documentation (informative, complete, and understandable) is the basis of functional and efficient information systems. Its preparation requires specific knowledge, skills, experience, and considerable effort. We are professionals in it.
Modernization and optimization of the corporate IT system
We can help you with the modernization and optimization of your solutions using the UnityBase platform. It allows you to transform your existing software systems into modern architecture and up-to-date interface, including all business logic.

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