Modern electronic document management system for efficient work with documents in multi-stage decision-making process. 

Save considerable budget and time on decision making process. Together with Megapolis.DocNet you can improve productivity and enjoy high performance and intuitive interface.

InBASE company offers ECM-system, which is beneficial both economically and functionally. The flexibility and open source code enables the company to optimize resources. Mobile applications are the optimal solution for modern citizens.


We offer a simple, fast and convenient online service for document signing with digital signature. 

Internal consistency and external electronic document allows organizations and business-leaders reduce paperwork costs by 70% (paper, envelopes, printers, e-mail).

Development of specific software solutions and integration with API are possible. Use modern technology to protect your data: Mobile ID, automatically check of signature validity in DEALS. Our solution saves your money and time.

Integrated solution based on a single platform

Unity Base - Ukrainian highly productive low-code development platform for software solutions of any complexity. The main advantage of the platform is open source, combined with a high level of performance and security. 
Our low-code platform combines the speed and ease of development, provides opportunities to grow and expand your business.
  • Visual configuration,
  • Audit Trail,
  • Simple Integration 
  • Version Control 
  • Tools for development
  • Community and cooperation
Solution consists of built-in patterns and components that are easy to set up and allow you to configurate complex solutions quickly.


Our solution helps in managing the variety of business processes the organization has. It allows you to visualize existing business processes, improve communication between functional departments, analyze time, quality and costs of your business. Result of using of our UBPM system is an essential increase of operation efficiency.
A5 systems

A5 systems

Innovative platform for Ukrainian business, that meets the needs of accounting and finance departments of modern enterprise or government institution. A5 software products developed in conjunction with Baker Tilly, a company that is in the top 10 world's leading consulting companies in accounting and auditing.

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