An innovative platform for Ukrainian business that responds the needs of current enterprise accounting or budgetary institution. A5-accountant product-line was made with Baker Tilly company, that is in the top 10 world's leading consulting companies in accounting and auditing fields.

Key benefits:

  • The client part is implemented on the basis of the "thin" client (web client)
  • Thin client can work on low-speed communication channels
  • The platform on which the system is created provides simultaneous high-speed operation of at least 50 thousand users and registration of at least 20 thousand transactions and operations per minute
  • User identification / authentication, differentiation of access rights, isolation of data modification procedures in a special layer of business logic
  • Automatic authorization by means of electronic digital signature is provided.
  • Guaranteed the ability to encrypt all information by means that meet the relevant requirements of DSTU and are certified by the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine
  • Functionality is enhanced by simply connecting new services that are accessed in a standard way
  • With an increase in the number of users, the system for connecting new jobs does not require the installation of additional devices
  • Tools for constructing dialog forms and document cards
  • Customization and Reporting Tools
  • Distributed Administration and Information Resource Management Tools
  • Tools for customizing data and user auditing
  • Tools for customizing the functional composition of the user's workplace
  • Centralized storage of regulatory and operational information
  • Centralized administration and information resource management
  • Decentralized (Distributed) Business Processes
  • Convenient Navigation Tools
  • Unified Interface
  • The ability to share information with support for the integrity and reliability of data at the DBMS and functional core of the system


Accounting Budget

Accounting Budget

Ukrainian software development for the government-funded organizations will keep all the usual accounting processes. In addition, your system will be protected from numerous cyber attacks and hacking. Broad functionality, data processing power, the ability of easy integration and optimization to current requirements of legislation makes A5 Systems an advanced product for accountants and financial directors.
My business

My business

А5 "My business" application is  the assistant for small and medium business owners. In just a few clicks you'll get real-time data about the flow of funds on retail outlets (cash, check, bank card), you'll be able to control business hours and attendance of vendors.Instant messaging, including «SOS» button let the Manager be aware of abnormal situations and timely respond to them.