Document flow online DEALS

Online-service DEALS is an easy, fast and comfortable solution that can be used for reconciliations and signing documents through the digital sign with parnters, contract labors, customers online all over the world.

The decision goal is simplifications of dealings with contract labors in terms of reconciliations of documents, signing agreements and managing contractual arrangements.
More recently abolition of the mandatory use of a legal person printing, simplifies the process of signing and management of contracts (the Law of Ukraine № 4194) - to transfer it into electronic form. DEALS will help to manage with contractors legally protected significant document. Documents stored in DEALS online service, according to the legislation of Ukraine may serve as evidence in court.

Purpose of the decision:

Decrease of unnecessary administrative documents

Creation convenient and secure communication channel

Ensuring the legal significance of the documents

Creation of a single corporate standard

General capabilities:

— Certification and strategy;
— The acquisition of new partners;
— Tracking the status of the agreement;
— Conveniently storage all transaction documents;
— Legitimate exchange of documents (letters);
— Internal coordination of documents (contracts);
— The legitimacy of the signing of the documents (contracts);
— Managing File deals;
— Search;
— Notification;
— face-to-face contact between all counterparts;
— Free Internet access is available 24/7 from any device.

The reasons for the introduction DEALS:

— Savings;
— abridgement of time for documents preparation;
— Increasing the percentage agreed in the contract period;
— abridgement of time for search for contracts and related documents;
— Access to information relating to any of the transactions 24/7;
— Installation convenient channel of communication with the counterparty;
— High guarantee of documents safety;
— Additional profit by providing using DEALS services to other business entities.