Megapolis.Repository is a regulatory document database and an electronic data storage

The system is designed to automate the processing of regulatory and other types of documents, along with the management of electronic archives in businesses and government agencies.

Megapolis.Repository covers all stages of the document lifecycle: from template and project creation to document storage management with electronic digital signature capabilitie


  • allows you to create a directory (folder) structure with unlimited hierarchy depth;
  • supports directory and document access level configuration;
  • ensures authorized access to the system and corporate archive;
  • allows you to store large files and customize forms, attributes, document statuses, and access permissions for users.

Megapolis.Repository allows you to improve the performance and reliability of your enterprise systems, even when multiple users are collaborating on documents. Search for documents by attributes and their content.

Megapolis.Repository's flexible and intuitive interface allows the system to be maintained by your own staff without the help of the developer.
The repository can be easily and quickly integrated with a variety of software products to create a unified informational environment for your business.
Hardware requirements are half as demanding as those of similar platforms.

Key features:

  • fully-featured "thin" web client;
  • several industry-standard database management systems supported: Oracle, MS SQL Server, and freely available PostgreSQL;
  • OS Windows and Linux/Unix supported for end-users and servers;
  • e-mail client;
  • U-disk (collaborate on documents and store them in your library);
  • freely available LibreOffice, OnlyOffice supported;
  • simultaneously use EDSs from both Ukrainian accredited key certification centers and RSA;
  • open API for integration with third-party information systems;
  • internal document repository;
  • customizable personal and group notifications, notification time.

Megapolis.Repository provides document storage and has the following functionality:

Create a directory (folder) hierarchy with unlimited subfolder depth
Setup user roles and customize their access to document attributes
Customizable user access to directories and documents
Customize forms, attributes, and document statuses
Upload files of any format
Document scanning and OCR
Create and store new versions of documents
Work with MS Word documents
Setup and view links between documents
Search documents by attributes and their content

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