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Scriptum: business-process management information system

IT solution enables business processes to become transparent and adaptable to constant changes.

The system lets you design, simulate, monitor, and analyze business processes with the ability to rebuild the models of business processes by analysts and managers (without involving any technical specialists or with their minimal participation). It also lets management of the organization understand where, when, and how all kinds of work are being performed.
It's not technically possible to circumvent most of the requirements of electronic regulations. If the specialist found the need for the updating, he will need to inform the management. The process will be finalized soon, and the admin will be able to solve the problem.

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Operational transparency

The system lets you track the status of orders, the approval of contracts, coordination of documents, etc. Due to the transparency of processes for all participants, regulation, and monitoring, the order observation is being guaranteed.

Speed and processing control

The implementation and processing time are reduced by regulation and automation. Reporting to the Configured option abuse, the "Automatic escalation" takes place that provides control.

Management based on indicators

The goal of the information system is to become publicly available and break into the level of business processes of departments and individual employees. BPM system links the goals, data, processes, and employees.

Ease of business process changes

Development of the business process is organized on the principle of "pulling the mouse object and filling the box." The user can create the necessary decision, focusing on the organization instead of "fighting with technical problems" and setting tasks for programmers.

Monitoring and optimization of current business processes

During the business processes execution, the system collects detailed statistics on their metrics and indicators. A visual representation of these data simplifies the process execution control and identification of bottlenecks. Statistical data are the source of information for re-engineering and optimization of complex business processes and managerial solutions making.

It is possible to optimize given processes and match their interaction with each other. For optimization of the business process, it is enough to make changes with the graphical model of the process from the browser without interrupting the fulfillment of already running processes.


Task management of employees in the organization

The employee can see his tasks, prioritize and proactively manage them. The manager can see the tasks of each worker. He can also get a report of all processes and projects that are executed.

Integration with current info systems

Shifting employees across multiple systems significantly drop the work and often makes it impossible to automate business processes. This problem is being solved through the expense of opportunities for Ubpm integration with other systems, plus as part of a corporate portal.


Increasing efficiency

Implementation of a corporate BPM system let you eliminate functional barriers resulting from the uncoordinated operation of corporate entities, carry through automation of business processes, and also help to refocus the work of the organization to achieve the new strategic goals.

Before implementing Ubpm
After implementing Ubpm

We have combined the flexibility of multi-function control systems of business processes management with the simplicity and speed of implementation of the Ubpm

Ready Data Management Portal

Ready Data Management Portal

Built-in process designer

Built-in process designer

Engine of processing based on Camunda

Engine of processing based on Camunda

Dashboard of the current condition of processes

Dashboard of the current condition of processes


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