UnityBase: platform for innovations

UnityBase is a platform for the rapid creation of high-performance web-based enterprise systems. Full development cycle from the description of the domain model to automatically generate users interface.

It is an integrated stack of technologies and tools that enables the quick launch of digital products and services. The platform is being developed since 2012 and lets you create software of any complexity.

At the moment the platform is implemented in more than 500 projects in the government sector, transport, financial sector, telecommunications, industry, and so on. Solutions for large corporations, government registries, information-analytical systems in the defense sector, and more were based on this Platform.
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Main features and capabilities of UnityBase system

— The concept of rapid application development is being used. Built-in tools for describing business logic can reduce development time and reduce the project costs.
— Information on database and file system storage.
— Support for versioning, integrity, and post-processing/conversion of stored documents hurriedly.
— Maximum use of cloud technologies.
— Сorporate systems interaction, integration with other systems.
— Simultaneous with an unlimited number of data sources, for example. databases, file repositories, Web services, and so on. Support for all major commercial database management systems (PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle).
— Embedded modules with ready-made business solutions.
— Efficient production and scalability
— Multi-platform (Windows, Linux/UNIX).

Visual configuration

New applications can be created by using visual tools, so a minimum of code is required.

Version control system

UnityBase contains an effective version control system for the application, all processes, and related documents.

System log

A built-in automatic recording system helps to monitor any changes in the data or process.

Easy development

Suitable not only for pro-developers but also for beginners. To start simple projects, please, use the free version.

Easy integration

UB generates its own API and easily uses external API for organic integration with the main platforms.

Tools for research group

The platform lets vendors of different levels collaborate on the creation of applications.

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