Solutions and services

Solutions and services


Business Process Management

Business Process ManagementAutomation of business processes, which is adopted according to the requirements of the company is the most effective way to organize the business now. Automation mechanisms for specific business processes can reduce the costs of any production and make the business more efficient.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content ManagementProper organization of docflow is an important component of effective management, and it is also an important part of a good organization of financial and management accounting.
InBASE has extensive experience in the creation and implementation of electronic document management systems and the creation of enterprise content management systems (Enterprise Content Management).

File storage

fhInBASE specializes in the creation of centralized file storages large volume. Access to the repository has users (web interface) and automated systems (REST API). Solution integrates with internal systems and automates key documentation processes, it is also integrated into internal corporate systems and becomes an important information provider.


Master Data Management

Master Data ManagementMDM system increases the efficiency of business processes and applications and paves the way for transition to a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). MDM (Master Data Management) system is a set of processes and tools for managing the company's master data (about customers, suppliers, partners, products, services or accounts).


WebModern business management requires the organization of each user's access to several corporate applications (for example, to mail, ECM, CRM) in one interface. The portal in this case allows simultaneously, in one program to work accountant, seller and supplier.
To build an internal portal, InBASE offers to use UnityBase platform, a complete development cycle from the description of the domain model to the automatic generation of the user interface.

Accounting system

usWe offer our services for the development of centralized accounting systems. Accounting is in the first place, because no business, no management function can be performed qualitatively without setting up a logical system of interconnected accounting, management and tax accounting.

Single window

edinoe-oknoUnityBase platform - as a basis for building an integration solution, a single window.
The advantages of using UnityBase as the basis for building integration solutions:

  • Web-based application
  • The ability to consolidate information from various applications
  • Automation of information processing processes
  • Single library of normative and reference data
  • Easy integration of new applications
  • The possibility of a phased implementation

Mobile Client

mobilni-contentThe modern manager needs remote access to the organization's systems, which will allow to take part in management of the company, wherever he is.
That is why, modern users pay more attention to the possibilities of mobile access, its convenience and ease of use, since their financial performance depends directly on the efficiency and speed of decisions.
InBASE has accumulated great experience in creating mobile clients of various systems. One of the main features of the mobile client of InBASE company is that using the UnityBase platform we can adapt the mobile client to any information system of the company to ensure efficient and fast work of users.

Upgrade & optimization

mos The legacy IT systems do not allow organizations to quickly change their business processes, bring new products and services to the market and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.
In addition, the cost of owning legacy IT systems is constantly increasing, this is due to the lack of qualified professionals capable of supporting the development of such systems.
In order to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of organizations, InBASE offers its services for modernization and optimization of systems using UnityBase platforms.