Document Management System Megapolis.DocNet

Megapolis.DocNet is a universal solution that allows you to organize electronic document management for companies of different sizes and types of business.

The software solution Megapolis.DocNet is an ECM system (Enterprise Content Management). It supports the whole lifecycle of document management and helps to automate business processes.

The main goal of Megapolis.DocNet implementation is to increase work transparency and efficiency.

The system covers all stages of the documents' lifetime - from the documents' draft preparation to the organization of document storage (secured electronic archive functions and digital signature).


Do you need a modern document management system?

The flexible tool for business-prosess optimization

  • Preparation, coordination, and registration of documents
  • Monitoring and controlling tasks
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Documents operations in offline Manager
  • Business Process Automatization
  • Contract and agreements Management 
  • Citizens' appeals process automatization
  • Report and Analyst creator
  • Flexible search
  • Electronic archive
  • Forwarding documents
  • Maintaining organizational structure and staffing

What does the business get from the implementation of the offered solution?

  • A new level of automation of administrative document management, increasing transparency of development and treatment documents processes with the ability to monitor their implementation at every stage.
  • A significant reduction in terms of preparation and execution of documents, reducing the number of "lost" documents.
  • Unification of documents of the organization.
  • Creation and automatic maintenance of the database of charter and administrative documents.
  • Maintenance of a high level of reliability and performance.
  • The ability to integrate with other solutions, forming a single information organization environment.
  • Retrenchment of hardware and technical support costs while increasing the number of users or documents volume.
  • The accumulation of corporate knowledge, short-term training, and interchangeability of employees guarantee.
  • Increasing corporate information security.
  • Elimination of paper and related materials revenue.

Only modern technologies

  • High productivity. Multiuser capability.
  • Current, easy interface.
  • A set of ready-made tools for solving common tasks.
  • Full-time job through an Internet browser.
  • Mobile application for executives and managers of companies.
  • Centralized storage of documents in myriad quantities.
  • Open source and ACR rapid integration with other systems.
  • Cloud computing support.
  • Information security, data encryption, integration with blockchain.
  • Increasing the speed of the documents process.
  • Reducing the number of routine operations, including those related to the search of the required document.
  • Sorting out the problem of staff and departments synergy.
  • Timely and objective informing company managers about state and processing of documents.
  • The capability of operation in ОС Linux, LibreOffice, OnlyOffice, and with a built-in-editor.


  • A full-featured web client.
  • Scanning and document recognition.
  • QR-code and bar-coding of documents.
  • OnlyOffice, LibreOffice, MS Office support, a built-in pattern generator.
  • A high degree of security and protection of information guarantee.
  • DBMS support: MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • ОС Linux / Unix; Microsoft support.
  • Combining the use of electronic Ukrainian ASTSK and RSA digital signatures.
  • Multy-location structure automatization.
  • Own center of documents exchanging (integration with CMEA HNS).
  • Built-in documents storage.
  • Visual designer of business processes based on Camunda BPM.

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